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In this activity students construct a basic sundial and use it to observe the movement of the sun through the sky. Through this activity, students gain an understanding of the daily movement of the sun across the sky and experience conducting a set of simple, quantitative observations.

In this lesson, students learn about the relationship between the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon and its impact on the ocean tides.

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This lesson explains why we have seasons. Several activities are included which will help students understand the tilt of the Earth and how the Earth moves around the sun.

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This reading explains why we have seasons and describes Earth's rotation around the sun. A diagram is used to help explain many of the concepts in the reading. Questions are included to help with comprehension.

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This resource explains why we have day and night. Students learn about the earth's rotation as it revolves around the sun.

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The purpose of this lesson is to introduce the students to the Sun.

This activity teaches students about the reasons for the Earth's seasons.


This reading teaches students about weather instruments.

This lesson explores what can be found in each layer of the atmosphere.

This Farmers’ Agribusiness training course has been developed to help both farmers and farmer organisations. Its intention is to provide access to additional skills and knowledge that will allow farmers to move from a 'farm' to a 'firm'.

These notes describe the science of atmospheric humidity.

In this activity, students will make a rain catcher and examine and graph rain levels within one month to calculate the average precipitation.

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This resource explains the concept of acid rain.

This booklet teaches students about gardening for food.

This resource outlines ways to improve energy efficiency in city buildings.

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